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Spring Black Bear Hunts

Discover bear fever as you spot and stalk five to ten bears a day.
Finding bears is easy, harvesting the trophy of a lifetime takes steady nerves and a great guide.


We hunt black bears the most exciting way possible – spot and stalk.  In the spring we hunt where the grass grows first – in the lower elevations along the rivers and creek banks, south facing slopes, and logging roads and clearcuts.  Spring black bear hunts are based out of Greer Creek Lodge, where hunters will be treated to all the modern comforts right in the heart of wilderness bear country.

These spot and stalk hunts are action packed – expect to see five to ten bears each day.  Our region is a two bear area, which means your hunt doesn’t have to end with just one bear.  It takes a good guide with lots of experience to judge black bears, and we are committed to ensuring you cut your tag on a trophy black bear.  Our promise to you is that if your first bear isn’t 18”, your second bear is free.  With so many bears our success rate is over 90% on trophy black bears. 

The most exciting time to hunt black bears is in the rut when the boars start cruising for sows.  Plan your hunt in late May or early June when the days are long and the bears are rutting.  We are especially “kid friendly” guides – if your son or daughter is under 18 years of age ask us about our Youth Hunter specials to save money.    

Call us and start planning a trip, we’re here to help make your bear hunting dreams come true!

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6-Day Trophy Black Bear Hunts

With so many bears, it isn’t about getting just any bear, but harvesting a real trophy. Our trophy promise to you: If your first bear doesn’t have an 18” skull, your second bear is free.


1 hunters with 1 guide

$5400 + fees
May 15 to June 30


2 hunters with 1 guide

$4400 + fees Per person pricing
May 15 to June 30


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